The first step to being understood is to #BeHeard

Have you ever found yourself with a story to tell but struggling to find the perfect stage? Our friendly and experienced team of podcast producers will help you create your very own podcast or YouTube videos. We also turn content into audiobooks.

Whether in one of our eleven professional studios in Randburg, South Africa, as a Pop-Up Podcast™ in your own boardroom, or remotely from anywhere, let us be your podcast concierge.

How can we help you?

What do you need to help you take the next step on your podcasting/audiobook journey? "Confusion precedes learning", feel free to reach out and ask us anything about making your Outstanding [B2B | B2C | Corporate | Brand | In-house | Training) Podcast.

What type of podcast are you planning?

At a cursory glance, you may be thinking that "a podcast is a podcast", however, we've identified three distinct categories (and metrics of success):

  • Selling a product/service/influence to your audience (the audience is your customer)
  • Selling the audience's attention (the audience is your product, advertisers are your customers)
  • Hobbyist (to meet new people, improve your skills, or just have some fun)

It's crucial you are clear on which you're making before you book a studio and get behind the microphone. Each of these has a distinctly different personality and metrics of success, and necessitate entirely different planning and production strategies. We will guide you through this process.

Once you've identified your podcast type, take our Podcast Personality Test, designed to help you gain unparalleled insights into your podcast. Much like the renowned Myers-Briggs test unveils aspects of your personality, our test delves into the heart of your podcasting ambitions, guiding you toward content creation that's as individual as you are. Your podcast is a canvas, and with this test, you'll discover the perfect brushstrokes to create a masterpiece. It's not just about understanding yourself; it's about shaping your podcasting path in a way that aligns with your goals.

If you're wondering 'how do I start a podcast?' then our custom podcast startup template is the place to start. It's helped hundreds of people to get going and may be just what you've been looking for. Or, you could join us for the Write Pod-itude Workshop where you will discover how it works, how it's done, and why it matters, so you can leverage the power of audio to create compelling content.

The best time to start a podcast was 10 years ago, the next best time is today.

Let's have an adventure together.

Working with a broad range of clients over several decades, we've learned valuable lessons about creating a respectful framework for productive collaboration based on our founding tenets*:

  • We are embarking on an adventure together
  • Everything we do is intended to help you #BeHeard
  • Lifetime value of clients is more important than a big sale today
  • We work as a team, collaborating to help each other
  • We all keep learning and innovating
  • We all work to exceed the minimum required technical specifications

*tenet: (noun) a principle or belief, especially one of the main principles of a philosophy.

#BeHeard: Tell the world your story.

Radio programmes have been around for decades, yet podcasts have become one of the most significant new media formats of the 21st century. Podcasts are still a new form of media, and so there is plenty of room for innovation.

Join the Solid Gold Tribe.

We don't send a lot of mail. What we do send is focused and helpful.

Podcasts: Anything! Everywhere!

Like radio, but better. Podcasts are meaningful, entertaining and useful independent audio shows that can be downloaded free using an app on your phone, tablet or PC.

Podcasts educate, inform or entertain, and are often a combination of these three objectives. For example, a fun gameshow that's really teaching history or science. From poetry to arts and drama, advice on how to grow your business to growing your own vegetables—if you can imagine it, you can podcast it.

Use a free app such as iTunes / Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Castbox, to follow podcast channels of your choice. These apps will even download new episodes for you automatically as they are published.

Audiobooks are more popular than ebooks

Podcasts are not alone when it comes to massive growth. In 2020, audiobooks outsold ebooks. With no end in sight for this trend, and to accommodate our numerous clients who write books, we've built more studios dedicated to recording audiobooks.

If you don’t want to read your book yourself, you’re in luck! We’ve gathered together a delightful group of excellent voices to read it for you.

For a cost estimate to turn your creation into an audiobook, email us at and let us know how many chapters there are and an approximate word count.

You have a captive audience.

Your audience chooses to listen to you, and is likely to do so while driving around. This is something they can't do with a video or a brochure. It's like your customers asking you to send a sales representative to drive around with them explaining a case study.

Genuine engagement

Podcasts dive deeply into your content and help build trust between you and your audience.

Always available

Podcasts are a great companion to daily life and turn an activity into an informative experience.

US population that listens to podcasts each month

Podcasting is big. Really big. And still the fastest growing medium.

Over 50% of the US population listened to a podcast last month. Over each of the past few years, the number of podcasts has doubled, re-doubled, and doubled again. There are now more than five-million podcast shows and more than 70-million episodes. These staggering numbers are part of the reason we're so excited to provide you with an end-to-end podcast service.

Sources: (2022) and (2023)

Top 3 Reasons People Listen to Podcasts

74% of people listen to podcasts to learn new things

71% of listeners want to be entertained by a show

60% of people expect podcasts to help them stay up-to-date


We offer an end-to-end podcast service.

We are so much more than a podcast studio. Our full service offering guides you right from the start through the entire process. Whether you're an absolute beginner or a seasoned professional, we ensure everything gets done right—including concept, production, publishing and even hosting.

Personality design

We help you explore how your show will look, sound and feel. What does the introduction sound like? Is it loud and brash, or soft and intellectual? Is your cover art bright red or subdued blue?

Find your voice

We work with many professional presenters who are available to host your podcast. Meet them at and find the voice that's perfect for your next podcast.

Studio recording

This is the fun bit, where you're now in a professional podcast studio, chatting to guests and asking your questions. This is the meat and potatoes of the entire show.


One of our experienced editors dives in and makes everything sound better. Unwanted "ums and ahs" are removed, misspoken sentences are taken out, the content is cleaned up and bed music is laid down.


We host all your podcasts and provide you with a dedicated web page for sharing show notes, additional information about each episode, pictures, links to guests and other resources.


We take care of getting your show to the widest possible audience using the largest, most trusted networks and aggregators, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher, Castbox and TuneIn.

Join the Solid Gold Tribe.

We don't send a lot of mail. What we do send is focused and helpful.

Be an effective podcast guest.

As the popularity of podcasting grows, so too does the demand for guests. Being a guest on a podcast can be extremely rewarding—but it can also be extremely challenging if you're new to the medium.

Don't just hope for the best. Get trained and ensure that your message is delivered professionally.

We run regular hands-on, in-studio training. Learn more about our training sessions or email us to book your place.

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Not yet convinced, but still interested?

Download a podcast player for your phone from the App Store or on Google Play. Start exploring and trying episodes you might like. Once you've listened to a few and experienced this phenomenon for yourself, get in touch with us and we can discuss how we can help you tell your story and #BeHeard.