Britstol (Bristle) Boy audiobook artwork

Britstol (Bristle) Boy

Robin N. Welch

and the Tailor of Gloucester

Narrated by the author

Born in Bristol as World War Two came to an end, Robin Welch, allegedly the grandson of the inspiration for Beatrix Potter's 'Tailor of Gloucester', John Prichard, has had an exciting life, travelling to many parts of the world and living and working in Europe and Africa during a time of great social and technological change.

In the sixties, Robin took advantage of the free educational opportunities in the UK and went to grammar school, college and Bristol University, graduating in 1969 and beginning his career by teaching at Bristol primary schools, lecturing in French to adults and selling life insurance.

Keen to see more of the world, with ambitions to work overseas, he worked in Botswana and South Africa and moved from influential positions in education to senior positions in Africa and worldwide in the fast-developing TV businesses, particularly in the field of acquiring coverage of sporting events.