Here be Dragons audiobook artwork

Here be Dragons

Richard Mulholland

Stop telling stories. Start selling them.

How to win deals and influence ideas by mastering the eloquent art of storytelling.

The business world is rightly obsessed with the incredible power of a good story. Unfortunately too many of us take that to mean that it is our own story that’s important. It’s not. The magic happens not when we tell our customers the story of our past, but when we sell them a new story of their future. One in which we play a part.

s a salesperson you have two jobs. Job No. 2 of the storyseller is to help clients and customers slay their dragon. Job No. 1 of the storyseller is to help them see their dragon. You win when the dragon that they acknowledge is the one that you can give them the weapon to defeat. Forget USP (unique selling proposition) and embrace the UPS (unique problem that only you can solve).

Here Be Dragons isn’t just a how-to book for the business sales person, it is far more a why-to, and mostly a what-to-do book that will help you drive create growth, improve sales and new business through storytelling. In this short and highly practical book, renowned speaker Richard Mulholland shares with you how to use powerful stories to change minds, win deals, drive sales, and solve problems.