[NEWSLETTER] Jet Jungle sarmies and Story Time

Published 2024-06-26

How Solid Gold Story Time can help build your brand

[NEWSLETTER] Little notebooks (and the difference between a Brand and a Branded podcast)

Published 2024-04-28

Gavin shares some thoughts and insights from Q1 of 2024.

[INFINITE DIAL 2024] The annual Edison Research deck is now available

Published 2024-03-30

The latest research data on listening habits and trends.

[NEWSLETTER] Part 2 of Gavin on the 'other side' of the mic.

Published 2024-02-21

How to run a podcasting business - part 2 of Gavin's interview with the SA Podcaster's Guild

Ready to grow up - The Media Online Article on Podcasting in SA

Published 2024-02-10

A group of audio specialists have set up the South African Podcasters Guild because 'South African podcasting is ready to grow up'.

[NEWSLETTER] Join Gavin on the 'other side' of the mic.

Published 2024-02-08

How to make a podcast in South Africa - episode 1

[NEWSLETTER] Be honest, what do you really want? (Meme)

Published 2024-01-14

Don't be embarrassed to want what you want...

BizCommunity Article on the launch of the SA Podcaster's Guild

Published 2023-11-03

South African Podcaster's Guild launched to usher in a new era for podcasting in the country.

[NEWSLETTER] Is your podcast audience the Product or your Customer?

Published 2023-10-24

Where does YOUR podcast sit on the personality grid? And what does that mean for your planning, programming, and promotion?

[ONLINE QUIZ] Take our Podcast Personality Test

Published 2023-10-11

Today we're pleased to introduce our all-new Podcast Personality Test, designed to help you gain unparalleled insights into your podcast. Much like the renowned Myers-Briggs test unveils aspects of your personality, our test delves into the heart of your podcasting ambitions, guiding you toward content creation that's as individual as you are.

[PHOTO ESSAY] The Podcast Sessions Magazine

Published 2023-10-10

Thank you to Rutendo Nyamuda and Martin Musasa for the wonderful double-page spread in the latest 'Sessions' magazine

[INVITATION] Innovation City Presents: The Ultimate Podcast Success Guide

Published 2023-10-04

This is a very quick (and unashamedly self-serving) 'plug' for an event we're participating in later this year. Innovation City in Cape Town is hosting a mediated panel discussion with Kieno Kammies and our CEO, Gavin Kennedy.

[NEWSLETTER] Whales, Buccaneers, Crocodiles, Spaniards, and Warfare

Published 2023-09-16

Meet Tully McCully in conversation with Benjy Mudie. Listen in as they reminisce about Lesley Rae Dowling, Falling Mirror, Crocoldile Harris and more. Also, we have more on Stubbornness and Wildlife

The State of Podcasting in Africa

Published 2023-08-24

A collaboration between @afripods and @tapmagazine, this special issue has over 80 contributors across 18 African countries and covers everything you need to know on the state of podcasting in Africa.

[NEWSLETTER] Quick quick, it's the Bounti people!

Published 2023-07-15

Meet MarcAlex, Lisa Raleigh and Stafford Masie

[NEWSLETTER] A stubborn town, a trail of crumbs, and a trailer

Published 2023-07-01

The Power of Words - in War and Marketing

[NEWSLETTER] The Work of the Audiobook

Published 2023-05-29

The world of fiction is changing, and it is happening at 1.5X speed.

[NEWSLETTER] Shannon's quarterly catch-up

Published 2023-05-22

Workshops. (And winter is coming.)

[NEWSLETTER] When does a backup stop being a backup?

Published 2023-04-16

How does one even start a newsletter these days without referencing load shedding, Glynnis Breytenbach, or how we're using Chat GPT? :-)

[NEWSLETTER] Are you selling your audience? (Or selling TO them?)

Published 2023-04-09

Even a cursory Google search (or ChatGPT question) will give you all sorts of pithy advice on growing your podcast.

[NEWSLETTER] Pineapples, Podcasts and Trust

Published 2023-04-02

Imagine strolling through a shopping mall and you pass two pizza restaurants. The smell of wood fires and melting cheese wafts out and both are playing music that you can hear from outside the restaurants.

[NEWSLETTER] Why do you hate the sound of your own voice?

Published 2023-03-26

It's a really common phenomenon - most people don't like the sound of their own voice.

[Edison Research] The Infinite Dial 2023 USA

Published 2023-03-16

The Infinite Dial is the longest-running survey of digital media consumer behavior.

[Edison Research] The Infinite Dial 2022 South Africa

Published 2022-03-28

The Infinite Dial is the longest-running survey of digital media consumer behavior.

[IABSA] Content Marketing White Paper Released

Published 2022-03-27

This white paper seeks to understand the maturity of content marketing in South Africa.

[DAILY MAVERICK] Does your business need a podcast?

Published 2022-01-17

It’s something worth thinking about - By Elna Schütz

[NEWSLETTER] Our founding Tenets (and where they originated)

Published 2021-09-26

I come from a short family line of entrepreneurs.

[NEWSLETTER] Amazon and Spotify go BIG on Voice/Spoken Word

Published 2021-11-21

Spotify dropped an undisclosed amount to acquire Findaway — a major producer and distributor of Audiobooks.

[NEWSLETTER] How to Choose a Podcast Production Company for Your Project

Published 2021-07-19

(And 7 Suggestions of the Top Podcast Companies)

[NEWSLETTER] It's Spring for podcasts.

Published 2021-06-05

The current podcast explosion is like the spoken word equivalent of websites in the mid-1990s

9-Year Old Launches Podcast

Published 2021-04-27

Podcast Business Journal shared Solid Gold Podcasts' heart-warming story about one of the world's youngest podcasters.

Building the basics in digital video and audio

Published 2020-06-12

BizCommunity reporter, Jessica Tennant, spoke to Solid Gold CEO, Gavin Kennedy, after his recent presentation on Digital Audio as part of the #IABInsightSeries

BizCommunity Article on the future of digital audio broadcasting

Published 2020-04-30

Reporter Juanita Pienaar spoke to the IAB's Digital Audio Committee members, Gavin Kennedy, Francois Retief and Julian Jordaan

Podcasts reach the magical 1 million!

Published 2020-04-23

There are now more than 1 million active podcast channels on Apple Podcasts.

BERT is a Major Google Update for podcasts

Published 2019-10-27

Google updates its search algorithm to better understand natural language.

The Infinite Dial: South Africa 2019

Published 2019-09-19

Podcasting is only just getting going in South Africa.

#FutureFit Yourself: The power of podcasting in the 21st century

Published 2019-08-20

Steve Jobs was unyielding in his view that podcasts were the future. Read this #FutureFit article on BizCommunity.

Enhanced Apple Podcast Categories

Published 2019-07-25

As world-wide podcast usage continues to grow exponentially, Apple has launched their new Enhanced Categories, making it easier to describe the content of shows.

How are podcasts actually being used?

Published 2019-06-12

Many things you may already be encountering in your day-to-day life, that people are calling podcasts, might not actually be real podcasts.

What's the big deal with voice?

Published 2019-06-05

Can you imagine the implications for your business of a world where your conversations, particularly about your products and services, are transcribed into text and then indexed and made searchable?