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Culture Unplugged

Unpacking workplace culture through the lens of diverse people across organizations.

We reimagine what a 'post-pandemic' (we are still in it aren't we?) workplace culture looks like and the power of conscious inclusion in creating environments where everyone feels they belong. Conversations are hosted by Bonolo Smith, the Diversity Equity Inclusion and Belonging Lead and Associate Director at BTS Africa where we inspire and equip people and organizations to do the best work of their lives and execute on company strategy.

She is joined by BTS colleagues, clients, experts, and thinkers in reimagining workplace culture. The podcast series explores the 'Me Us It'. Individual experiences, workplace relationships and the systems in which we operate. We locate a South African perspective in an ongoing global conversation. We invite experts, academics, leaders at various levels in organisations and the best thinkers to weigh in on the conversation. At the very heart of the conversations is the human experience and how we can see one another better while delivering business value.