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Gun Owners South Africa

Gun Talk

Welcome to South Africa's first gun-related podcast.

If you are a South African who lawfully owns a firearm, you are us... and we are you.

We are the blanket organisation for all of the Provincial GOSAs, the Municipal GOSAs, and the Ward GOSAs.

Our principles are simple:

  • Firearms in private hands are essential to public safety and democracy
  • We stand for ALL lawful firearm owners
  • Every firearm owner must let his or her voice be heard
  • We will not condone any illegal activity
  • No personal attacks against anybody at all

We strongly recommend reading and familiarising yourself with the FIREARMS CONTROL ACT 60 OF 2000 and the Firearms Control Regulations, 2004, both available in the files section of the group, and all approved amendments.

Before appearing as a guest, please complete the Media Usage Agreement. This enables us to publish the podcast and frees you to use it for your own promotional purposes.