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Kimberleigh Stark

Lights, Cameras, Action!

Have you always wanted to see yourself on TV or in a movie?

How about standing in front of a huge audience and having them hang on your every word?

Or, perhaps the thought of performing on stage in Ney York City makes your heart skip a beat?

Welcome to Lights, Cameras, Action! with Kimberleigh Stark. This is the place where you can ask all those questions that no-one ever seems to really want to answer. The questions that will lead you to the Hollywood playground and on to that red carpet. We'll chat about preparing for that dreaded audition,what to wear, and how to wear it. We will aslo discuss the dos and don'ts of working with the really big names out there. I'll be talking to industry experts and getting them to share their secrets with you.

Let's get you famous!

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