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Carla, Dominique and Lebogang

Limitless Conversations

The podcast for woke girls that love dumb stuff.

Scintillating, quirky, fun, intelligent and motivating conversations hosted by three young millennial women with diverse backgrounds. Each season, we invite guests that are aligned with a topical discussion to unpack in conversation and discussions a series of trending topics such as the challenges the youth and millennials face, adulting, state of the culture, society, social media, pop culture, fashion, music, tech and entrepreneurship.

The aim is to create content that stimulates thinking, drives conversations and creates a new African narrative of thought leaders. With hosts Carla Fernnades, Dominique Reeby, and Lebogang Ndaba.

Before appearing as a guest, please complete the Media Usage Agreement. This enables us to publish the podcast and frees you to use it for your own promotional purposes.