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Kylie Jane

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True Radiance Begins Within

Welcome to SANA Wellness - your source for nourishing, effortless, everyday wellness where we explore the world of modern wellness through inspiring and relatable conversations with experts and thought leaders to educate and empower you on your own health and wellness journey.

SANA means 'a healthy mind in a healthy body', 'radiance', and 'a work of beauty'. We believe true radiance begins within, and that physical and mental health are intimately connected. When you feel well within - nourished, calm and connected - you have the confidence, clarity and courage to shine your light a little brighter. Health is not a destination, nor is it about striving for perfection, it’s about discovering those practical but impactful, daily micro-rituals that nourish, boost and brighten your health and happiness.

I’m your host, Kylie Jane. Passionate wellness advocate, matcha lover, yogi and Nutritionist. Everyone is welcome here. So, grab a sip, get comfy and enjoy your time with us.

We’re so glad you’re here SANAlite.