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Anthony McHenry

Self Storage

Everything you ever wanted to know (and more) about Self Storage

In an economy where extra space in the home or work place involves a substantial cost. People are no longer buying or renting bigger premises. It has become allot more affordable to rent a storage unit from a storage facility near you. Anthony McHenry, local storage guru talks about everything you need to know about self storage, from what to look for in a storage facility to packing your storage unit.

Self Storage complexes are popping up all over. Don't get caught up in long leases and streams of paper work. Know what you are paying for when renting a storage unit. So often the fine print is never read. Therefor listening to a podcast on these matters may provide you with information you would have never asked about.

Anthony has been in the self storage industry for over a decade. He has developed his own online booking software, has a portfolio of storage complexes that he manages. He also own's his own storage facility, he sleeps, eats and breathes self storage. Listen to our short episodes on self storage, you might even be surprised what you learn.

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