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Studio 1

Seats 3 people

Hourly Half-day Full-day
Audio only R1,650 R3,850 R5,500
With single wide HD camera R1,850 R4,300 R6,150

Studio 2 & 8

Seats 3 people


Hourly Half-day Full-day
Audio only R500 R1,150 R1,650
With wide HD camera R700 R1,650 R2,350

Studio 3

Hourly Half-day Full-day
Final mix and post-production R1,650 R5,400 R10,800

Studio 4

Seats 6 people

Hourly Half-day Full-day
Audio only R1,950 R4,550 R6,500
With wide HD camera R2,150 R4,950 R7,150
With 3 HD cameras + ISO feed R4,650 R10,850 R15,450

Add a custom-printed backdrop for R7,655

Studio 5


Please contact us for audiobook production pricing

Studio 6 & 9

Seats 1 person


Hourly Half-day Full-day
Audio only R400 R950 R1,350
With single wide HD camera R600 R1,450 R2,050

Add a custom-printed backdrop to Studio 9 for R2,955

Studio 10

Seats 2 people

Hourly Half-day Full-day
With 3 HD cameras + ISO feed R2,250 R5,250 R7,500

Record one hour with basic edits for R3,500

Studio 11

Seats 3 people

Hourly Half-day Full-day
With 3 HD cameras + ISO feed R2,350 R5,450 R7,850

Record one hour with basic edits for R3,600 Add a custom-printed backdrop for R3,355

Pop-Up Studio

Hourly Half-day Full-day
Audio only (Johannesburg local) R3,950 R9,250 R13,150
With multi-camera video Please contact us

Please contact us for areas outside Johannesburg local R1,950 per additional hour

Customising a podcast package

If none of the popular packages described above match what you're looking for, drop us an email and we'll assist you with a bespoke cost estimate or quotation. Your podcast production budget will depend on several factors such as... Are you creating a once-off series of FAQ episodes? Is it a weekly commentary? Do you have one guest or six? Those kinds of things will all be discussed when we meet to outline your objectives and how we'll work together to achieve them. Following this, we'll agree on a price that will be in line with our three packages above.

Initial setup, consultation and strategy are quoted on a per-project basis.

Video, ranging from single- to multi-camera, is available.

Do you need an anchor for your podcast?

Your podcast needs an anchor, someone to lead and facilitate the conversations. Often that's you, but usually a professional is required for SME and Corporate podcasts. The good news is we work with a number of amazingly skilled and talented people who specialise in anchoring podcasts. You can browse through our library of talented anchors and let us know who you'd like us to reach out to.

Hosting your podcast

In the same way a website is hosted on a server somewhere, your podcast needs to be loaded onto a special media server so that it can be listened to using your favourite podcast app. These podcast-hosting servers are designed to accommodate large audio files, and can serve them fast and reliably to many simultaneous users. If you don't already have your own hosting, we will assist you to set it up.

Hosting ranges from R100 to R600 per month depending on frequency and popularity of your podcast, as well as the level and granularity of analytical and statistical data you require. Unlisted podcast hosting starts at R280 per month.

Setup and distribution of your podcast

Once your first podcast (or trailer) is recorded, your hosting needs to be set up and connected to all the major podcast distributors and aggregators, such as iTunes, Spotify, Audible, CastBox, Deezer, Overcast, and so on. We'll assist with this too, and you should budget between R4,950 and R9,950 (once off) for this, depending on your specific requirements.

Private podcasts

All your favourite podcasts are public-facing ones, intended to reach as wide an audience as possible. However, it's not always the intention for a podcast to reach a large public audience. In many cases, organisations use podcasts as method of communicating in-house or with a very specific, and often private, audience. Private podcasting solutions are custom developed based on your specific needs.

All pricing excludes VAT.