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Deep Dive Conversations

Once people understand your purpose and your why, they're far more likely to want to work with you.

It's often the case that, once we identify better with someone, or understand their why, we can't wait to work with them and support their businesses and causes.

The music industry is an excellent example of a space in which a handful of people become stars, and thousands of aspirant artists want to know how they did it so they can follow in their footsteps. In 2019, Red Bull Music teamed up with South Africa's top rap artists (including Nasty C and Rowlene) to provide fans with an opportunity to leap-frog their way to fame. You can read more about Lift As You Rise, and how the project worked, on the Red Bull page.

The artists involved in the project spent some time in the Solid Gold Podcast Studios having a very deep and meaningful conversation about why they were collaborating on this, how they came to be famous, and what they were doing to give back to others. These are not light and fluffy sound bites that can simply be posted on social feeds. They are much more meaningful insights and thoughts that take more time to convey.

Podcasts are the ideal way to deliver this kind of conversation.

Not only can you share in their conversation, you can do the same to share your origin story and build an amazing rapport with your potential clients.

Red Bull and Tall Racks Records
Nasty C sharing his back-story