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Getting potential clients to spend time on your website reading through loads and loads of content is getting harder and harder to do.

You know how in some businesses the email and phone call queries are the same questions? Every! Single! Day! Over and over and over! And how you spent all that time setting up your website to answer those questions, but potential customers don't actually read them? Or how, depending on who takes a call and what time of day it is, the potential customer gets either a great sales pitch or a half-arsed "rushing out the door on a Friday afternoon" pitch?

Now, FAQ podcasts are the perfect solution to these challenges as they enable you to deliver personally-crafted, strategically-planned and well-produced short-form content to perfectly address the most common questions you receive. And then, within the podcast notes, provide a specific call-to-action link which results in the first point of contact being a tier 2 or follow-up query.

Two excellent examples of how our clients are using FAQ podcast channels to deal with this are Kip McGrath's Extra Lessons and GOSA's Gun Talk or even Self Storage with Anthony McHenry. These companies/organisations receive literally hundreds of calls and emails asking the same questions every day. Since we produced their FAQ podcast channels, and added the podcast link to all email signatures, websites and social media, there has been a dramatic shift from tier 1 questions (totally uninformed) to tier 2 queries (follow-up and buying signal).

When tier 1 questions are still received by phone, email or on social media, a member of their team responds by sharing a direct link to a specific episode that answers that question, and invites them to listen to that and any other episodes that may catch their eye.

As you can imagine, they're now having far more productive conversations and spending less time on those FAQs.

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