Use case

Music Album Release

Nu Metal band Korn loves podcasts. So much so that, when they released their new album The Nothing, they announced a six-part podcast series by the same name.

The podcast series is a fictional show about a journalist who travels to a small Kansas town to investigate a teenager's disappearance. He discovers something—we don't know what—and then "finds himself heading into his own heart of darkness." Whatever that means to Korn fans.

To further demonstrate the emergence of new and interesting amalgamations of various media, the single's music video also serves as the podcast's trailer.

We're starting to see more and more interesting intermingling of podcasts and other platforms where they each add value in their own distinct ways.

Another excellent example of this was the simultaneous release of the Netflix series Chernobyl with an official podcast alongside that went into more depth on many aspects of the story.

You can expect to see many more music albums being released with accompanying podcasts that enable artists to share their motivation, inspiration and experiments, and have far deeper engagement with their fans. All thanks to podcasts.

Korn's Six-Part Podcast Series