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Talent Showcase

You've got all those amazing demo clips and videos—now let's show you how to share them effectively.

It's a lot of hard work being an actor, master of ceremonies (MC), entertainer, performer, or voice artist.

And it sometimes feels even harder getting potential clients to see and hear your work so they can book you for their next productions or events. Yes, we all know about the online talent databases where your profile and samples are hidden amongst hundreds of others. Now imagine a new way of showcasing your talents that puts you in control.

A personal podcast channel that is divided into multiple series, each dedicated to a different aspect of your talents, and showcasing your best work with written descriptions to better explain and describe your offering.

Instead of directing potential clients to someone else's website, you use your own URL (here's what Andy's looks like) where you are the main attraction—the focus of attention.

See this amazing talent showcase platform in action.

Andy Klee | Entertainer
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