Use case

White Paper Release

You’ve completed your research and hard work and your White Paper is finally ready for release. Congratulations!

Now, instead of simply hiding it away in an obscure folder on a server in an old educational institution, imagine making it easy to find and easy to understand its purpose. Creating a White Paper Podcast, wherein you have a meaningful conversation about the contents of the paper with experts you consulted during the process, is a unique way to promote and share your work with a wider audience.

That's right, bring some of the people who you interviewed and researched into the studio to talk about the highlights, the salient points, and the value your paper brings to the world.

Now that Google and Apple et al transcribe podcasts and index the spoken work to be searchable, talking about your White Paper (in a "deep dive" conversation full of relevant names, keywords and topics) is likely the best way to ensure it is found in future searches.

When the University of Johannesburg Department of Marketing Management and renowned CX consultant, Carmen Murray, released a collaborative White Paper on "Pop Futurists" they turned to us.

In addition to including a trackable link to the White Paper in the podcast show notes, we also created a "Download Our White Paper Here" button to make it really easy for the user to access the paper with one click.

And that’s not all—we also included a "WhatsApp Us Now" button so that the listener is able to very easily connect with the author of the paper.

Download Our White Paper Here button